How to send Fake Location on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is one of the most popular and crowded social networking sites. People from every corner of the world are using Whatsapp to remain connected with their friends and family members. It provides many features to make our conversation more smooth and easy. They are gradually adding many unique features to it that attracts and bound us to remain stick with it.send fake location on WhatsappYou might have heard or using Whatsapp to send your location to your friends. Wherever you are, you can always remain connected to your friends. But with this feature of sending location, you can have some fun with your friends. You can play hide and seek as I am going to share a tricks following which you can send fake location on Whatsapp. This post is going to deliver an interesting trick so that you can prank with your friends or family. So start sending fake location and make your days memorable.

How to send Fake location on Whatsapp

If you are searching for the ways to send fake location on Whatsapp then this post will guide you to play hide and seek with our friends. You can send the fake location to your friend without using VPN from your Android smartphone but if you are iPhone then you need to enable GPS location.
Note: Allow Whatsapp to access GPS location of your mobile

Send Fake location on Whatsapp through Android phone

• First, you need to download an app by which can send fake location. There is a different app by which you can send fake location but “Fake GPS App” is the best among all.
• Then click on the settings option of your phone and tap on About Phone (Phone setting> About Phone).
• Now click on Build number for few times till it opens a new setting for the developer.
• Now again you have to open your phone settings and click on Option Developer.
• Here you have to enable Mock location.
• Now click on the Fake location App icon on your phone and choose any location as per your choice.
• Then tab on “set location” to fix the location what you have chosen.
• Now open Whatsapp and send the location to your friends. Whatsapp will take the location that you had set on Fake location App.

By following the above 8 steps, you can send fake location on Whatsapp from your Android phone.

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