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While playing League of Legends, have you ever come across battling Olaf: The Berseker? Did you beat him without any knowledge of counter him? I afraid you could not make it. There is nothing to be ashamed; Olaf counter is not a task for cartoon watchers. Countering a champion like Olaf isn’t easy after all.

how to counter olaf

However, Olaf Counter is not impossible either. League of Legends comes with a vast number of champs, there must be any who can stand up and fight against this monster. Through this post, I will try to show how you possibly counter Olaf using various champions. Also, I will feed you with some useful tips regarding Olaf counter.

Sit tight, get through this article and get yourself prepare for the battle against Olaf: The Berseker; and mark my words, you are going to taste the victory.


Olaf: The Berseker

Olaf is more beast than human; not physically, but his activity in the battle arena says so. According to League of Legends community members Olaf is certainly one of the strongest champions ever walked in the battlefield. They say, “Olaf has the ability to destroy anyone without using even a single ability.”

countering olaf

“When you meet your ancestors, tell them Olaf sent you”, Olaf roars.

Now, feel the cracking in your bones. Community members suggest, you should take it as a warning, “Never face off against a wild Olaf in a 1 vs. 1 battle. No one has ever succeeded.” By any chance, if you are hit with his Q’s, it is wise for you to accept your defeat; there is no chance of winning over him.He will simply smash your bones and suck off the soul out of you and you will have nothing to do, because all you can do is nothing.

Pros and Cons of Olaf

This will help you to know more about Olaf and to get ideas regarding Olaf counter. However, his pros list is wider than the cons.


  • Olaf has high damage output throughout the game
  • Tanky overall
  • Olaf is faster than most of his enemy champions
  • Olaf can heal himself by farming jungle monster
  • His manliness with beard


  • Susceptible to Slows
  • Relies on Q to land to slow enemies
  • Must have sight on enemy and has a hard time against invisible enemies

Tips to Defeat Olaf

Through the above sections you have come to know about Olaf, you know now how dangerous is he, what are his pros and cons. And now, here I will throw you some important tips assembled by League of Legends community members. These must be very beneficial to you in the battlefield against Olaf. Check these out bud.

  • Do not blow your CC abilities while Olaf’s ultimate is active. He is invincible during the moment.
  • Be careful while fighting Olaf if he is in low HP. Lower his health stronger he becomes.
  • Olaf is unable to chase you if keep his axes out of his reach.
  • Stacking health will help with Olaf’s true damage.
  • Be aware of his reckless swings, it can damage you from a distance. Cause these attacks have a higher range than his melee auto attack.
  • His ULT can remove your all CC and incoming CC. Thus, he is able to ignore your tanks from the front line and dive onto the back line.


How Will You Counter Olaf?

As I have mentioned before also, when in a lane Olaf can be countered by distanced poke or ranged harass. His abilities of Q and Undertow are effective depending on range. Champions with more percentage damage ability or more items can defeat him pretty quickly. So, try picking up a champion with well mobility in order to kite Olaf and keep him at bay.

How will you counter olaf


General Counter Information

  • Build higher HP
  • Strike your CC hard
  • Knock him back
  • Try to kite and poke him continuously
  • Play safely and try playing early game

Counter Mechanics: Early poke, Strong pushers

Counter Items: Frozen heart

Champion that Counters Olaf

No matter how experience player you are, or how many ideas you have on Olaf counter; the most important this is always to hand-pick the correct Champion for your side against a certain enemy champion. As you know, different champions possess different kind of abilities and powers.

It is up to you to figure it out which champion gives a strong fight against your foe champ. Making your job even easier, here I have assembled the top best champions which may give a good fight against Olaf in the battle arena. Also I will try to put some ideas to use the champs against Olaf.


Yorick Counters Olaf

who can counter olaf

Yorick and Olaf, both of them are sustain champs. However, Yorick is far more capable to harass Olaf effectively than Olaf. Yorick pokes Olaf with his W and E aggressively. In a battle against Olaf, try dodging Olaf’s Q; poke him hard if he misses with his axe. Focus on building more health level rather than your armor if want prevent yourself from his true damage.

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Kennen Counters Olaf

How can olaf counter

Olaf seemed to be showing his weakness before champions like Kennen who is able to poke him from a distant range. Kennen is capable of farming well, at the same time he can poke his foe champ. Combined with a WOTA he can shrug off harass that Olaf gives Kennen.

Jayce Counters Olaf

Welcome to olaf counter in Nasus counter.com

On a 1 vs. 1 battle, Jayce showed up as a strong opponent to Olaf. Jayce holds abilities which are very effective in countering Olaf. Jayce can poke Olaf from a range. He bursts even more hard than Olaf.


This is all of it buddy. You need no more than this on countering Olaf- the Berseker. A well practice on these tips I have provided here shall be the most effective way to counter Olaf. Well, I am going hunt down another beast, and you may do your own; Olaf counter. Lastly, have fun with League of Legends.

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