League of Legends- Nasus Weakness & Strength Details

Hello and welcome to this brand new guide. Here you are going to learn about the weakness and strengths of Nasus and also how to counter Nasus easily. So if you want to be a legend of League of Legends then keep reading.

LoL Counter Nasus – Details about Nasus weakness and strengths:

As you got to know something about Nasus, now it is time to hard beat Nasus. Well, in such a MOBA game, the difficulty level of gameplay depends on the person playing as your opponent on the other side. If your online opponent player is good enough and knows to use the abilities of the champions properly; it make more difficult to defeat him.

nasus counter league of legends

So, if your opponent holds Nasus as his or her champ, very first thing you got to do is to choose a champion to counter him hard.

# How to counter Nasus League of Legends (LoL):

In order to defeat Nasus, I was seeking for the perfect champ which suits my way of playing better. And then, I found Teemo as a very strong Champ against Nasus. From my best experience, below here are some tips to counter him you can follow-

  • While playing as a Teemo, your focus should be on denying farm. If he is going to Q a minion, make him blind before he could. In case of cannon minion I found it very effective.
  • Keep on harassing him and keep him out of lane as hard as you can push.
  • Reset your minion agro after every shot as Teemo cannot take too much beating.

nasus lol

  • Attack Nasus continuously and mind the last hit. But, do not overextend your champ. This will make him to hit his minions. Thus you can cover the lane to you.
  • Now, you can call your jungler to kill the tired Nasus.
  • Nasus is a late-game monster; so, you got to keep playing aggressively and harass him continuously. Make sure your game to be over before it’s too late.

Now, I must tell you, the more you play a game more you will get control on it. If you already have some tips and ideas it makes easier for you to win.

I hope these tips would be effective enough to do Nasus counter in your own way using Teemo as your champ. Keep on having fun with League of Legends.

                                                  To know more about Nasus Click Here.

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