How To Counter Nasus League of Legends?

Hello and welcome to this guide where you are going to learn about Nasus counter in League of Legends.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena as known as MOBA, which comes in action real time strategy category of video games. In the present era, MOBA games are very popular among all ages of people. While making up a list of best MOBA games, the first name comes in my mind is “League of Legends” Counter Nasus .

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The game League of Legends brings many champions with different awesome powers of each. One of the toughest champ in the game is Nasus. Now, this article is all about how you could possibly counter Nasus : The Curator of the Sands, which is a very tough champion in the game- Nasus Counter .

League of Legends (LoL)- Nasus Counter :

It would be unfair if I call it simply a game. It is a murderous challenging digital war. To be honest, if you are playing this game, you know it better than I could express in dozens of phrases.

While playing the game, I had to face a very strong opponent champion called Nasus. It took a pretty much effort and time to Counter Nasus . After a hard work and success on it I was thinking, it will be wise enough to share my experiences to my readers and those game freak buddies out there.

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Before you go to a battle, the most important thing is to have knowledge about the strength and weakness of your opponent. A good knowledge of your enemy helps you best to win a battle.

Who is Nasus? The Curator of the Sands- And learn to Nasus Counter :

According to the developer’s specified characteristics, Nasus is a demigod who walks around ancient civilization. Legends talks about his domino over time and death. Let’s know about his abilities and powers.

  1. The Soul Eater: Nasus has the power to drain off the spiritual energy of his opponent, which makes him even stronger with a bonus life.
  2. Siphoning Strike: During in battle, Nasus strikes his opponent in order to damage and slay the foe. It increases his power for the future Siphoning Strikes.
  3. Wither: Nasus has the ability to age off his foes, which slows down the movement and attacking speed of them over time.
  4. Spirit Fire: Nasus can unleash a spirit flame on his enemies which causes to damage the armor of them.
  5. Fury of the Sands: Nasus also has the ability to unleash a mighty sandstorm that damages hardly to the nearest enemies. While the sandstorm rages on his enemies, he obtains extra Health, Attack Range; and he sucks up nearby foe’s maximum Health switching into bonus damage.

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