League of Legends review


League of Legends is one of the best online multiplayer windows PC’s gamesand widely playedall over the world. The game is so popular among the gamers and they also have the world championship tournament played every year. This isa mega event for all the gamers especially the League of Legends where the winning price for the tournament is also very high upto one million USD for the winning team. The game League of Legends is a Multiplayer online battle Arena; where you can play with a team upto 5 players in it. The game’s arena is in the jungle which includes 3 lanes comprising of Top, Middle and bottom. And there is alsosummoner’s Rift in which all of you and your teammates can power up.


World Championship- League of Legends 2016 is the 10th edition of the series. The game is established by Riot Game publisher and is released in 2009 which has now become one of the most played fantasy games which involves sorceries, spells and huge weapons. Those who are seeking for the good graphics – League of Legends is the best of all. 

How to play the Game


The gameplay of this game is very easy;there will be two teams and you will haveto form a 5-player team and fight in a battle. League of Legends is the 5-5 multiplayer game whose main goal is to destroy the opponent’s Nexus which is located at the core centre of the team’s base. And the game should be played by choosing a champion for you as a player. Champion is the main character of the game where you will find many champions with unique styles and powers. And while in the game you have to battle against each other and killthe enemies and also the forest beast in your path.

Earn Gold and point


While in the battles, you will face many foes surrounding you and your team which you have slayed them all for survival. So at this stage, you will also earn some points and gold by which you can purchase items for making your champion stronger and active throughout the game. There are jungle beasts and also enemy’s minions and the opponent’s towers from which you have a great risk. Thus killing them will gain you points for which you can upgrade you and your skills.

Champions of the Game


Champions are the main role models of the game, they are nothing but the game characters with unique defend and attacking styles. You have to choose among 117 champions in this game with great abilities and skills. The champion’s skills and abilities can also be increased by using the items and skin. The skin is actually the posture of the character which will make look more furious than the previous. Not only is that, your ability and skills also increase with the change in the skin of the champions which enhances the attack speed, damage, ability power, movement speed.

While choosing a champion, you have to form a group or teams of Assassin, Mage, Tank, Support, Fighter, and Marksman and make sure you are building a perfect warlord for the game. Different roles are required in different arena of the game which you have to manipulate and get the best fight strategies for completing your task.

Minions of the Game


So this is also another cool character which you are getting in the game which is behaving as a guarding angel for you. Minions are computer controlled characters in the game which will help you in attacking and killing the enemies coming nearby. They can be very useful if you use them while attacking and are best for killing larger enemies with stronger abilities and then with the help of their constant attacks you can take down any enemies.

How to Download League of Legends Game


League of Legends can be downloaded in your PC which is absolutely free of cost, while you can play them online or install the game and enjoy the computer generated war zone. It is a free windows pc game and they are also available for Mac pc; just click on the below given link for downloading the game.

Click Here to Download League of Legends

Step to download

To download first Click on the link above> Sign in with your Email ID> Choose your OS of your PC> and finally click Download; to download the Game


So in this simple way you can easily download the game and play with your friends.


League of Legends is the best online battle arena game which requires both mind and playing skills to succeed in the game; If you are lucky enough, you can also play as the representative of your country and also win the one million USD as the price money for the World Championship tournament of the Game- League of Legends.


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