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League of Legends is one of the mostly played windows PC online games. It is an online multiplayer game where a 5-player team plays against another 5-player team. Both the teams have to face each other in the game where you will get three lanes inside the League of Legends. And so here we will discuss about particular players or so called champion- Darius Counter picks for playing the game.

darius counter

Darius counter  can be a little tough as Darius is considered the Hand of Noxus, who is a champion of the game League of Legends and he is the toughest warrior in the battles. Generally, Darius belongs to the Noxian clan and he is the supreme warrior among them. And Darius Counter being a handful as Darius is the kind of champion who makes the enemies bleed till death. There are certain skins of the Darius which implies the power and strength of the champion and the skins are like- classic Darius, Lord Darius, Bioforge Darius, Woad king Darius, Drunkmaster Darius and Acadamy Darius which is the ultimate skin with complete damage ability and skills for killing the opponents.

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And the skills and abilities of Darius is like-Haemorrhage, Decimate, Crippling strike, Apprehend and Noxian Guillotine where most of the skills are very powerful. For the maximum and kills and damage, Darius is the best.

So in this article we will focus mainly on how to Darius counter as the warrior is powerful in the battle field and thus no champion with same abilities can beat Darius. Thus here we have present some of the good counter pick for you to get the job done.

Darius Counter Picks:

Darius Counter – The handoff Noxus is one of the strong champions of the game while he is generally initiated from the clans of Noxus. He carries the heavy blade and weapon and he changes its skin and colour for unlocking more power and strength. Darius is the best choice of selection when you are handling the arcades in the jungle of the game.

So when you came into the play and faced Darius then you should be choosing those counter picks that would deal with the strength and skill against Darius. As because there are some champion which completely withstand over the attacks and skilled delivered on the opponent. So proper management and well developed skill in playing the champions can help you kill or counter Darius.

According to our analysis inspired from the best game played against Darius, the counter pick for Darius is Teemo, Yorick, Kayle and Jayce. The skills and abilities of these mentioned counter picks are very effective in the countering the Darius in the battle ground.

Darius Counter – The Best Picks:

  1. Teemo- Teemo is the best counter pick for Darius, he have a special attacks for Darius that can use against Darius in the battle and easily can kill him. The attcaks like blinding dart and Toxic shot is great as you can buy time and make a quick attack on Darius when he is recovering from such attacks.
  2. Yorick- Yorick is a ghost champion which attacks upon the opponent and kill them by sucking down their HP and finally putting their life to an end. Yorick is very good skill like preventing the opponent to deliver attack on them, so this gives good time for them to attack Darius till death.
  3. Kayle- Kayle has a sword which can create a special attacks like holy flame and give the opponent maximum damage. Another special attacks of Kayle, called Reckoning is a another very effective attacks to bring the enemies down.
  4. Jayce- Jayce has special skills like Mercury Hammer and Hyper Charge which together can bring the great damage to the Darius in the battle. Hyper charge with the fast chasing ability and the hammer strikes can take any enemies down.

Darius Counter Abilities- Built and strength

Darius is a very power warrior which holds a blade of death and is very active in making the enemies bleed to death. There are certain abilities of Darius like- Haemorrhage, Decimate, Crippling strike, Apprehend, Noxian Guillotine; all the abilities are strong and better from one another. So use the abilities to get your job done i.e. killing some beast of enemies in the game.

So let us discuss more about the special abilities of the Darius below

  1. Haemorrhage- For killing the opponents, Haemorrhage is the best option as you can see them dying by bleeding to death. This is a first special attack of Darius and is very effective for any champion in the battle arena.
  1. Decimate- Decimate is an attacks of Darius that uses the axe to swing up in the air and rotating to strike the enemies while those enemies present nearby in this attack would be struck by the blade and gets the highest damage. This attack is too powerful and the enemies will get hit at any cost; this is a long range strike of Darius.
  1. Crippling Strike- In this attacks, the opponent will get the maximum damage and bleed to death while bleeding their speed decrease which you can deliver additional damage to the enemies. .
  2. Apprehend- Darius throws his axe towards the enemies to sweep all of them I a blow and pull them all for making giving the damage. This attack can minimize the armor of the enemies that will slow down the enemies and multiply the attack for giving the maximum damage.
  3. Noxian Guillotine- Noxian Guillotine is one of the best special attacks of Darius which can give you 50% damage and also bring death to the enemies by Haemorrhage. So if you are surrounded with a huge number of enemies around you then you can quickly switch the attacks to take down all the enemies at once.

Conclusion- Is Darius Counter Worth A Try?

Winning a game is never easy in the League of Legends; so we have discuss the important key to counter Darius. Using the right counter pick in the right time with proper skills can easily get your work done. But if you face some problem to counter Darius then I would suggest best to choose much more stronger champion with the maximum redeemed skin which will bring the best powerful strength out of it. And finally, by playing the game with good strategies can beat the opponents.


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