Counter Nasus : Top Champ Picks and Tips

To counter a fav champion like Nasus is real hard if you have picked unsustainable champ on your side. There are champions Nasus is strong against and there are some champs in LOL universe who are really good to counter Nasus. Defeating your foe champ is all about picking up the right champ and playing in the right way.

Briefly About Nasus

Thousands of members in LOL might suggest for different champs in order to counter Nasus. You don’t need to get confused with all that comments and suggestions, though. This game is far more difficult than any other Snipe Pokemon you can ever play. During the LOL gameplay, if you ever face Nasus and tasted a bitter experience of losing; I assume you were not prepared enough to stand against The Curator of the Sands.


Briefly About Nasus and His Powers

Nasus is widely known for his damage attack; mostly seen in the top lanes and jungle. His Siphoning Strike is kind unbearable for every champ and causes a passive damage. It is really hard for other champs to kill him in lane or farms. However, it is way much easier to defeat him in a top lane.

Counter Nasus

Abilities of Nasus

Soul Eater: Nasus sucks out his opponent’s spiritual energy. This way he gains bonus Lifesteal.

SiPhoning Strike: Nasus Siphoning Strike permanently achieves 3 damages if it kills an enemy unit.

Cost- 20/25/30/35/40 Mana

Wither: Nasus also can suck up foe champs ages over 5 seconds. This effects in slowing down foe champs movements and attack speeds by 35%.

Cost- 80 Mana

Spirit Fire: He throws out a spiritual flame over enemies reducing enemy’s armor power.

Cost- 70/85/100/115/130 Mana

Fury of the Sands: Nasus gains more powers and health in the sandstorm for 15 seconds. During the rage of sandstorm, he also deals in reducing nearby enemy’s health and converts it into his bonus attacks.

Cost- 150 Mana

Counter Nasus With Top Champs

Champions who have jumping abilities can prevent themselves from Nasus’s Wither attacks jumping away from it. And those champs with long range harass ability can hurt Nasus while keeping themselves out of reach of Nasus’s Siphoning Strike in lane.

To counter Nasus , a champ also needs to bear high percent health ability as Nasus is a late game champ. And of course, cover up with a proper armor to prevent his attacks damages.

In addition to the preparation before battling against Nasus, pick the perfect champ that suits you better from the below listed top champs that counter Nasus.

Teemo Counters Nasus

Teemo is one of the best champ that counters Nasus as he is basically ungankable. Unless Teemo misplays extremely hard, it’s just hard to win over him for Nasus. Teemo players don’t need to shove the lane too hard because their QWE skills don’t AOE, they freeze it and zone Nasus instead. Teemo then hard shoves into turret and makes Nasus lose a ton of stacks.

teemo vs nasus

A gank then will cost Nasus both stacks and CS if he goes for it; and if he don’t, he just gets harassed under tower while farming. A good Nasus will accept losing Q stacks and farm/harass with his E. Playing as Teemo, it is very important to bring plenty of health bots to the lane so he does not get poked out.

Playing as Teemo, you forced Nasus into leveling his E to stay somewhat close to farm; you forced him to build magic resist first but you have a Zed mid lane and your ADC. It means that Nasus is not tanky as it was said in midgame, and thus he forced to play in top lane against Teemo.


Darius Counters Nasus

Darius is certainly another strong champ against Nasus as with Darius, even at level 1 you can stand in his creeps and Q when he comes close draining out quarter of his health. At level 2, if you take W, you cando Q-W-Q and he should take back step.


In level 3, you can easily kill him by Q-W-Q-E-AA in auto attack until he is dead. A good build against Nasus are Hydra, Brutalizer, Sunfire and Banshee. Get boots of swiftness with alacrity for the insane sticking power, or you can go merc treads at anytime after Hydra and before Sunfire.


Riven Counters Nasus

Riven begins to punish Nasus at level 3in which she simply E-W on Nasus whenever he tries to go for a last hit. If Nasus retaliates by using Wither, you ca simply walk away as he has no follow up after his Wither and he just wasted a chunk of mana on it.


At level 6, Riven gains a lot more killing power than Nasus does, and easily can punish Nasus whenever you want. Riven is not a counter because of many trades. She is a counter because she can freeze waves incredibly easy and then as soon as Nasus oversteps, she can all in and kill him.

Some of the counter picks for Nasus- Curator of Sand

  1. Teemo- Teemo’s Blinding Dart. Mitigation is the best attack against the Nasus and of course, his Siphoning Strike is very effective counter pick. Teemo special attack is the Toxic that Shot will slowly kill Nasus by decreasing the health
  2. Garen- The ultimate of Garen is the powerful and effective counter pick for Nasus and his special attack is the key point for countering Nasus in the game.
  3. Darius- Try to avoid nasus farm and put a pressure on him by pushing hard with turret. While the minions along the Darius are too effective mode of counter strike for the Nasus counter.
  4. Rumble– Try best not to make Nasus reach to its ultimate destination, on the other hand, with Rumble use the Electro-Harpoon to poke and maximize your capacity to give damage to Nasus. And also you can use Flame spitter to freeze the lane and throw more damage to him.
  5. Pantheon – The ultimate Pantheon is very effective for dealing with Nasus; the Pantheon’s Heart seeker Strike gives the high damage to Nasus for lowering the health point. The best way to counter is to try preventing his passive attacks and instant attacking will give you positive result

Few Tips To Take Down Nasus More Easily:

  • Nasus’s spirit fire can be really deadly, so try to avoid it t all cost.
  • Nasus’s Q gets really strong in the later game so it is better not to let him farm initially.
  • Unless you have clear advantage don’t go head to head against Nasus while his Ultimate is active.
  • Nasus is weak without his CS, You will need to attack him with all you got to protect your minions at the same time.
  • Poke Nasus as much as you can in lane to stop his Q charge.

There are more champs available in League of Legends store, which are worth trying for counter Nasus. Garen, Rumble, Pantheon and more are out there from which you can pick one of your choices. Just make sure to pick one, you are most comfortable with.



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