Best Champions To Counter Nasus

Champion Nasus is the strongest warrior in the game League of Legends. If you are having unsustainable champions on your team, then you will lose for sure. There are many champions that can beat champion Nasus in LOL game. All you have to do is to pick up the right champions for your team to counter Nasus.You’ll get many suggestions for picking champions to counter Nasus and still you stay confused; aren’t you? But from now on you’ll get the correct information with right champions to beat down the champion Nasus.

champions to counter nasus

Nasus Weak Against These Best Champions

There are best champions which help you to kill the tough champion Nasus. You can pick these best champions without any hesitation to counter Nasus in the battleground. Nasus cannot stand against these best champions. So, here are the best champions you can pick as your warriors to counter Nasus.

  • Champion Teemo

Teemo is one of the extreme and strong warriors for champion Nasus as well as ungankable. Teemo doesn’t use his full strength to shove the lane because AOE is unnecessary for QWE, they freeze AOE along with zone instead of Nasus. After that Teemo shove into the turret very hard which makes Nasus lose lots of stacks.


  • Champion Darius

Champion Darius is another extreme warrior in LOL game. Darius can stand against the champion Nasus and can cause him to death. If you are in level one, you can even stand in his creeps and Q when Nasus health becomes draining out. You can do Q-W-Q taking W at level two. You just kill Nasus in level three by Q-W-Q-E-AA through the auto attack to death. So, you pick this warrior to counter Nasus.

  • Champion Riven

When you are in level three, you can allow champion Riven to come out on the battlefield to punish Nasus. If Nasus try to strike the last hit, then she can apply E-W on him. If Nasus use the wither through retaliates, you just move away. He can’t follow you after he withers beside he just wasted his mana. If you are in level six Riven can approach at highest killing power by which you can definitely bring death for Nasus.

  • Champion Ryze

You can pick this champion as your Nasus counter. Ryze has different spells which help you to kill Nasus in the battleground. But, you have to be careful full when you spell on Nasus, because he can strike on you. Ryze becomes more powerful when you fight 1V1 and attack Nasus from a safe distance. Remember Ryze depends on his AP power.

  • Champion Nami

Champion Nami is a most powerful warrior to go against the Champion Nasus. Nami’s Aqua Prison is very effective for Nasus, the impact of Ebb and Flow is a more extreme attack. If you use these abilities, you can definitely kill Nasus. So, you can pick this champion for your team.

However, you have to become flexible and clever if you want to kill tough champion Nasus. But still, if you choose these warriors as your Nasus counter, then you can win against the other opponents. All these warriors always kept their abilities to counter Nasus. You can pick Teemo and Darius asthe best champions to counter nasus to win the battle quickly.

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