If you want to know ways to Nasus Counter or Counter Nasus easily you have to first learn what he is vulnerable against. And then you will be able to know his weakness and also what he is capable of. Few of the general times that can help you with countering Nasus is to learn about the basics on how to counter Nasus . And my article Nasus Counter includes both experience and wise gameplay review of countering Nasus.

Counter Nasus

                                                               Learn Tips & Tricks To Counter Nasus


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About Nasus:

The curator of the sand is the demigod of the game League of legends which are very popular with the fiercely looks and it is inspired by the ancient Egyptian god. In the game point of view, Nasus Counter are really few and Nasus is the apex of Shuriman society as curator and guardian. Nasus can increase its power and skills by using up more gold and unlocking the item and skin of the champion.

Why Is Nasus So Strong? Nasus Build & More:

If you are familiar with the Nasus Build then you can be really tough player to beat. And with Nasus Build right at the palm of your hand, you can surely take into account the amount of experimentation you can do with him to make this build stronger. So let’s not wait for any further and take you through the perfect Nasus Build that can help your Nasus Counter other Champions easily.

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The Best Nasus Build – Tested & Reviewed:

These are a list of equipment, spells, etc that when equipped will help with the best Nasus Build & this will also help for the Nasus Counter players who want to under more about how to Nasus Counter Nasus:

Nasus Counter

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1st Nasus Build Equipment:

  • Ghost.

  • Teleport.

  • Boots of Swiftness-Furor.

  • Spirit Visage.

  • Iceborn Gauntlet.

  • Guardian Angel.

  • Righteous Glory.

  • Dead Man’s Plate.

2nd Nasus Build Equipment:

  • Flash.

  • Teleport.

  • Trinity Force.

  • Spirit Visage.

  • Frozen Heart.

  • Banshee’s Veil.

  • Randuin’s Omen.

  • Boots of Swiftness.

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Nasus Common Items:

  • Warding Totem (Trinket): Periodically Place a Stealth Ward.
  • Spirit Visage: Increase Health and Healing Effect (2800g).
  • Mercury’s Treads: Increases Movement Speed and Reduces Duration of Disabling Effects(1100g).
  • Iceborn Gauntlet: Basic Attacks Create a Slow Field After Spell Cast(2700g).
  • Poro-Snax.
  • Frozen Heart: Massively Increases Armour and Slows Enemy Basic Attacks(2800g).

Here are few of the general tips that can help you counter Nasus on a long run and learning about this tips can also make your Nasus counter stronger players who may use this tip also to counter Nasus :

  • To counter Nasus you will need to avoid his spirit fire. Getting caught in Nasus Spirit fire will definitely shred your armor.
  • The next step you can follow to counter nasus is to stop him from farming Q. As Nasus gets stronger with level and then it becomes really difficulty to counter Nasus when he is stronger.
  • Never go ahead to counter Nasus when his ultimate is active. Until and useless you will have a clear advantage to counter Nasus .
  • The last step that you can take to counter Nasus is to buy Quicksilver Sash or use cleanse to get rid of Wither as an AD Carry.
  • Get Teleport to counter Nasus. This will help you a lot when you want Nasus counter.
  • Poking Nasus between lane disrupts him for farming Q which in return helps to counter Nasus easily.
  • Counter Nasus by zoning him as much as possible. This will definitely help you to Counter Nasus with any champion on your hand who can go head to head with Nasus.
  • While Nasus is busy using his Q to take down the minions you can easily counter nasus if you keep attacking him with all you have.

lol Nasus


Some Of The Counter Picks To Counter Nasus- Nasus Counter :

  1. Teemo- Teemo’s Blinding Dart can counter nasus . Mitigation is the best attack against the Nasus and of course, his Siphoning Strike is very effective counter pick. Teemo special attack is the Toxic that Shot will slowly kill Nasus by decreasing the health
  2. Garen- The ultimate of Garen is the powerful and effective counter pick for Nasus counter part and his special attack is the key point for countering Nasus in the game.
  3. Darius- Try to avoid Nasus farm and put a pressure on him by pushing hard with turret. While the minions along the Darius are too effective mode of counter strike for the Nasus counter.
  4. Rumble– Try best not to make Nasus reach to its ultimate destination, on the other hand, with Rumble use the Electro-Harpoon to poke and maximize your capacity to give damage to Counter Nasus. And also you can use Flame spitter to freeze the lane and throw more damage to him.
  5. Pantheon – The ultimate Pantheon is very effective for dealing with Nasus; the Pantheon’s Heartseeker Strike gives the high damage to Nasus for lowering the health point and this is where you can keep up to Nasus counter. The best way to counter Nasus is to try preventing his passive attacks and instant attacking will give you a positive result.
  6. Nami- Just like the fact that sand can’t stand up against water Countering Nasus is as easy as stealing candy from a baby. With Nami’s ultimate attack you can easily take down Nasus. And when Nami calls in the Tidecaller’s Blessing on herself or AD carry this can cause additional damage and help you to counter Nasus .
  7. Ryze- Ryze can easily counter Nasus as Ryze can poke him a lot. This will stop Nsus from farming Q which in return will make him weak against Ryze’s ultimate attack. But a point must be made that Neither Nasus nor Ryze is weak against each other. Ryze’s main way to counter nasus is to poke him and stop him for farming. As Nasus will take on the hard burst from the cs with Ryze in your hand.
  8. Gangplank- It can be a little hard to counter Nasus with Gangplank at your hand. But it isn’t impossible. With Gangplank at your hand, you can easily heal up Nasus ultimate attack with W and attack him back. And with Gangplank’s chain barrel attack where he drops barrels directly upon Nasus or at the side and then ignites it causing heavy damage on Nasus.

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Nasus Counters:

These are a small list of Champions that Nasus can counter easily; use them wisely if you want to defeat nasus and follow the first-hand rule of making these champions strong against Nasus’s attacks and also disrupting his
Q farming.

  1. Hecarim.
  2. Zed.
  3. Irelia.
  4. Shaco.
  5. Brand.
  6. Yasuo.

Nasus Goes Good With:

With Nasus in you hand; these can be a list of Champions that can go well with Nasus. Use them wisely making them evenly with Nasus and in advance also to help Nasus Counter.

  1. Renekton.
  2. Udyr.
  3. Kha’Zix.
  4. Lulu.
  5. Zed.
  6. Kayle.

So….. Shortly this is how you can build a great Nasus Build or even Nasus Counter or also Counter Nasus. We will keep updating our pages and blogs so stay connected.

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